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We can be reached, toll-free, at (800) 300-3086. Proposal requests may also be faxed to 515-254-9393. Or simply complete and submit the online form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form will enable us to develop a plan design and proposal tailored to your specific criteria. Unlike many other TPAs, we can provide both “off-the-shelf” and “outside-the-box” solutions to serve our clients’ needs.

If you would like to speak directly with one of our Regional Pension Consultants, please call 800-300-3086 toll-free.

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Take over of funding for an existing planA new plan including plan design, administrative services and funding

Profit SharingTarget Benefit401(k)/Profit SharingMoney Purchase457(b)Don't knowCross-tested Plan (Defined Contribution)Age-Weighted Profit SharingDefined Benefit/Cash Balance Defined BenefitERISA 403(b) PlanCombination Defined Contribution/ Defined Benefit Plan
Services Takeover Checklist
  • Required data for "takeover" that will be needed:
  • Plan and trust-includes copy of current signed Adoption Agreement, Basic Plan Document, and all adoption amendments
  • Copy of most recent Summary Plan Description and Summary of Material Modification
  • Plan valuation for most recent valuation date (includes asset listing, employee census, etc.)
  • Most recent deferral and match nondiscrimination test (if applicable)
  • IRS Form 5500 Series Form, including Schedules, for most recent plan year
  • Any investment or insurance contracts that may disclose annual fees and surrender charges.