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  • February 2018 - Volume 12, Issue 1 — What's in store for the future of 401(k) plans? What is the Fiduciary Regulations's Impartial Conduct Standard - and how does it affect my 401(k) plan? How will the new tax law impact my 401(k) or Cash Balance plan? (113 KB, PDF)
  • October 2017 - Volume 11, Issue 2 — Official Dollar Limitations for 2018 (67 KB, PDF)
  • June 2017 - Volume 11, Issue 1 — The Fiduciary Regulation is finally here. Are you prepared - and compliant? What does this mean for plan sponsors and financial professionals? Will the regulation change prior to January 1, 2018? What should a plan sponsor do? Will lawsuits against plan sponsors be reduced? What best practices should be implemented? Kidder again certified for fiduciary excellence. (120 KB, PDF)
  • December 2016 - Volume 10, Issue 3 — Is a lawsuit in your plan's future? What is a "proper" fiduciary governance process? What best practices should you adopt? How can Kidder help? (127 KB, PDF)
  • October 2016 - Volume 10, Issue 2 — Official Dollar Limitations for 2017 (72 KB, PDF)
  • March 2016 - Volume 10, Issue 1 — Are you ready for the new fiduciary rule? What is the U.S. Supreme Court saying about plan sponsors and their fiduciary responsibilities? Five years running -- Kidder awarded CEFEX designation for TPA and Plan Fiduciary services (117 KB, PDF)