We help you create order from retirement plan chaos.

Qualified Plan Client Advocate
Concierge Services

Ask Kidder to be your independent guide through the complexities and responsibilities of creating, managing and ultimately benefiting from your organization’s retirement plan. We sit on the same side of the table to serve and protect you, your qualified plan and your employees.

Plan Consulting, Plan Design & Documentation

The best plan for you and your people is usually not an off-the-shelf solution. Once we understand your unique needs, objectives and budget, we can create a single plan – or combination of plans – to match your specific requirements and expectations. The response we usually hear is, “I didn’t know you could do that!”

Plan Administration & Compliance

With Kidder at your back, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your plan is in compliance with the complex and often confusing rules and regulations governing qualified plans. We deliver tools and resources to help you meet required standards of fiduciary governance. And we monitor the work of your TPA and recordkeeper to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Investment Recordkeeping & Investment Due Diligence

We guide you through the process of developing and maintaining investment due diligence procedures and required supporting documentation.

Participant Education/Advice & Financial Health/Wellness

A plan is only effective if participants understand it and use it. We work with you and your plan’s financial advisor to design, monitor and satisfy the participant education and communication requirements of ERISA Section 404(c).

Meet Jennifer Jensen, QKA Qualified Plan Client Advocate/Concierge

Jennifer is a recognized expert in administration, compliance and quality control for 401(k) and Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) plans. Leveraging nearly 25 years of experience, she delivers high-touch, high-value, concierge-level service, information and support to Kidder qualified plan clients of all sizes.