Am I satisfying my fiduciary obligations?

As a plan sponsor (owner) you assume the fiduciary responsibility to provide complete disclosure, avoid conflicts of interest and make decisions for the exclusive benefit of the plan and its participants. Your fiduciary requirements include documenting and implementing your decision-making process, due diligence and benchmarking of investments, service providers and fees. These can be daunting tasks. But Kidder can provide the tools and resources to help you satisfy them. With Kidder, you and your team have the confidence of knowing that your plan is in compliance with the complex and often confusing rules and regulations governing pension and profit sharing plans.

Kidder professionals are recognized experts in pension and profit sharing plan compliance. CPAs, certified financial planners and attorneys value our expertise in evaluating and responding to questions regarding retirement plans and investments.

We deliver tools and resources to assist you in meeting required standards of fiduciary governance — including documented decision-making and due diligence, as well as benchmarking investments, service providers and fees.

Our staff continually monitors your plan to ensure that all requirements are met. It is our responsibility to help protect you, your plan and your employees from potential penalties, taxes and loss of tax-favored status.

On the bottom line, we help you satisfy all plan-related fiduciary responsibilities.

If you already have a compliance issue, experienced Kidder personnel can work with you to resolve the problem and communicate with the IRS and Department of Labor on your behalf. Multiple options are generally available for putting a plan back on track.